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Solo Date Ideas

February 14, 2018

Its Valentines Day and if you are like me then that means you need take your self on a date, Yes I said it a SOLO date is needed. Let me be honest I thought this year was going to be different but it didn’t work out that way. Anyway, is the thought of a solo date extremely daunting? do you think you don’t have the confidence for that? well I have done it in the past and its pretty awesome. this year I would love to get back into the swing of solo dates.

I decided to share some solo dates with you (including some great places to head to) for the day or evening.

1 – Take yourself out for a meal

Have you ever judged the girl sitting at a restaurant with earphones in and a book? I have, when I was with out a job last year I did this once but i had a cup of hot chocolate (struggle was real) and i felt pretty good, not having some near me made me think and place this into perspective.

* LifeGrande Cafe in VandA Waterfront
* Tasha’s in VandA Waterfront and Constantia Village
* Vivante in Cavendish Square

2 – Watch a movie

Okay, i haven’t done this..I feel weird BUT if i can do it at home why not do it in public right. My suggestion will be going to V and A or Cavendish Square for the luxury cinema…I mean if you going to take yourself out then you got to do it right

3 – Spa Day

who doesnt like to get pampered? but I know its pretty pricey but a couple of years ago I was introduced to, they have amazing packages that wont break your bank

4 – Take a drive with some music

when i got my license my father told me that I will get sick and tired of driving, let me say this he was wrong. Driving has become a great escape for me its probably the only moment where I am alone with no body around me which is pretty amazing. but then the music is amazing well my voice not so much but I get to have my whitney moments

5 – Walk on a beach

Need I say more

I havent taken myself on a solo date just yet but its been on my bucketlist. In my mind if you can take yourself out and be happy and fulfilled then you have made it! im kidding.

What are your solo date ideas?


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