November 1, 2017

November Goals


This is it!

We are in the final month of the year before we sit and stare on the clock waiting for Holidays to start, I cant believe it. I’m so excited and its finally hit I’m a working girl again.I have taken some weeks to get back into my routine and figure out where I stand In the new company.

November is filled with some much adventure and I am totally excited.

With saying that I’m excited to finally have my routine back in my life and with a routine now finally settled in, I know can perform my goals in everything I do.

November goals:

  1. Write down something I am grateful for everyday
  2. Go back to leading a healthy life
  3. Enjoy some good family time
  4. Share a recipe (Yes, I just haven’t had time to cook and take pictures)
  5. Stick to my new budget
  6. Open a new Savings account

It’s a few but less is more and also its pretty powerful which is something I need.


I would love to know what are you November goals?

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