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My Year Of 23 Review!

Today is the last day of me being 23 , this year has been one of the toughest of my life which honestly means so I am so happy to see this age leave and the new year of 24 to come which I am hoping will be the ultimate turning point in my life. So What Happened…?

September 2016

I was excited for the brand new age and celebrated for the first time since my 21st with my Family and Friends, My personal and professional life was actually pretty amazing, I started to feel extremely confident in what my path was laid out to be. Unfortunately after my birthday I began to realize that work became difficult for me to handle but I was pushing through because I knew how important my job was to me and besides that I loved working there.

October 2016

Lost my first IT job, No I didn’t get fired, I resigned. It became extremely clear to me that I wasn’t wanted and the effort and the time I placed into the job was not enough. I think when you lose something you really cared about and one day or one thing that happened ruins it you begin to figure out that you needed it? Ever felt that?  I am forever grateful to the company because I learnt and I realized my true passion for IT.

November 2016

The wait…Am I getting a job this month? Well I did, at a social media management tool company and oh how I was excited. (Not because it was social media) but the fact that I was starting my new life again and its crazy. Walking in to the office on my first was super awkward as usual but I started looking around and saw that I was finally working with some good looking men and I had to opportunity to make work friends – A concept I never really got at my previous job. It was a struggle there were many times were I felt as if I was from another world than them simply because every one new the northern suburbs and I literally only new Canal Walk and where my cousin in Belville somewhere so relating was the hard part of it all.

December 2016

Festive season, the bitter sweet Christmas where I wasn’t able to show my appreciation by giving gifts to my family. I truly felt that I was saying Good Bye to the worse year of my life – I mean who leaves a job with out having something to go something else? Well that me? Psycho I know, but I was excited to get going with 2017 and see what happens.

Side note: was the first year I said goodbye to the year with friends and some “proper” drinking.

January 2017

This month was a great month, I was just happy and excited for the new year, planning out what I wanted to achieve by the end of the year.

February 2017

Forever Alone February… Love Month – I began to realize that I was feeling alone and I was wanting to spend my Sundays with someone, but I think when you force something you begin to push the most important things away and guess I ended up way more unhappy with being alone that with what I started off with.

March 2017

My life was fianlly in routine, Go to work, go home, blog and live life to the fullest and then the big boom happened with I rocked up to work few days before payday – WE DIDN’T GET PAID! So you may be thinking that life doesn’t depend on it, but when you just got into a budget and the groove of things and suddenly money was  not there for me to build a life I wanted so the real struggle began, I know I should’ve bounced out of the company but I stayed loyal placed long hours to get back on my feet.

April 2017

Get back on the feet month and that is just what happened..Nope I still stayed

May  2017

Met up with old friends and made new friends, with my professional life back on track I reached out to a primary school and decided to have the ultimate girls day and just lived my life again. but things were still feeling like I was dealing with the consequences from March.

June 2017

Normal Life…..The routine was in order.

July 2017

This month was my turning point of all, Right now as I’m typing this its a bit difficult for me to even explain, but one day I went to work did my daily duties and 12pm came and we were summoned to the meeting room and told “We have to let you go” yup, I felt betrayed and left again. its crazy okay I cried like a baby simply because I felt my life back to normal but something told me “NOPE! YOU ARE NOT DONE FIGHTING!!!” so everything was back to shambles.

Side Note: We weren’t paid! So Financially I was in the sh*t again

August 2017

The aftermath, Nope I still never got a job but went for interviews and then at the end I started dealing with some anxiety. Something I never felt before I much as I knew it was just the stress I had to hear it from the doctor, Guys Anxiety that I have never felt. Shortness of Breath, Nausea and all the stuff. It was a difficult month I got through it

Thats where my 23 in review ends, simply because Its been one of the most up and down years of my life, But with every closed door a greater opportunity is available.


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