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My Ideal Morning Routine

I have mentioned previously that 2018 is my recover and conquer year. As I sat back and thought about the small things I would love to implement in my life to improve the quality of life.  a new routine was step one.

To be honest I don’t have one, I don’t stick to times especially in the morning I snooze a lot (who doesn’t). I decided to share my new ideal routine with you and hopefully help spark some idea that you may add to your routine.

My Ideal Morning Routine…

Drink Lemon Water

Its not just a fad but Lemon water is amazing for detoxing and your skin.
Tip: Cut your lemon into slices and freeze them…every morning pop a slice in a cup of warm water and enjoy

Light 5 minute workout

a light work out will help with getting myself in the better shape. When I used to gym on a daily basis I was in a better mind frame and sometimes work can be hectic and stressful so starting my day with some crunches, squats, 30 sec planks would help with stress.

Morning Skin Care

this is the normal face cleanse, tone and moisturize – hint of a future blog post.

Get Ready

Need I say more?

Pack a healthy lunch

a healthy lunch will help with my cravings and help me with my goal to a better and happy Janine

Make Some Coffee

I don’t know about you but I cant start my day with out at least 2 cups of coffee (I have a problem okay) before heading out the door a nice cup of coffee before hitting the road is just a must

Off to work

Ready to tackle the day!

There is my new morning routine, I have added Lemon water and a light workout to my usual non routine routine.  I haven’t been actively doing this routine but getting up the first time my alarm goes off is amazing! It has been my mission to get this routine this week. I will keep you posted 😀

 There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing. It’s not a matter of time; it’s a matter of desire. – Nina Yau

So what is your morning routine?

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