February 2, 2018

Monthly Goals: February

Chapter Two of 2018 has arrived.

I don’t know about you but January felt like a year in itself, Even though I didn’t take time off from work it took me a while to get back into the swing of things. But it was a pretty good month ( That was probably confusing for you). I had my ups and my downs. This month is going to be about getting myself back to where I want to be with my new routines (Morning & Night) and start sharing some positive vaabz [Intentional Typo] in my personal, professional and blogging life, This obviously means I have an exciting things coming this month with a new segment of YourDailyJay

Anyway, Mini goals are a great way for me to get my life back together, Lets get to my February Goals…

  1. Kick of the new part of YourDailyJay
  2. Do the 7 day self love challenge
  3. Send out my first newsletter from YourDailyJay
  4. Take my boys (dogs) for walks every weekend
  5. Go to a coffee shop and blog
  6. Start a bullet journal

One last thing, I have declared Feb 2018 – Self Love Month at YourDailyJay I will diving into this in my next post but I wanted to address the WHY.

We all know that this month is supposed to be the month of Love, I don’t know about you but i tend to look at the things that are important like: “I am single again”, ” I wish I hada boyfriend” .etc which I feel like that’s not what it should be about, because there is a golden rule.

“You have to learn to love yourself, before you can be loved by some one else”

So this month I decided to make it all about loving yourself.  There will be a series of blog posts and an exciting new challenge (starting on Monday) so keep your eyes peeled on my blog and social media.

Have a great Feb everyone ?

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