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May Goals

May 3, 2018

it’s a new month …again. Honestly feel like I posted my April goals post last week…WHATS HAPPENING TO THE YEAR?! well anyway one of my favorite months have arrived because I get to celebrate two amazing days that is all about the women that made me who I am today. One thing is for sure trying to reboot your life or get into the swing of things after your whole world has been turned upside down is not a great feeling but I’m here and stronger.

Downside: my social media (especially Instagram) took a beating so if you are staring at my profile like “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING” please note that is the classic depiction of my brain…jumbled but I’m coming back, baby.

Upside: I got a new theme that reflects everything I want it to be …did you notice? I absolutely love she is absolutely amazing but I have a blog post coming up this month of me ranting and raving about how amazing she is.

Anyway – My May Goals?

1. Take my car for a service before winter starts

2. Start to design my new room (l am starting to redecorate my room….)

3. Give my mom the best mothers day I can possibly give her

4. Stick to my new routine

5. Work on getting my Instagram and blog back on track

6. Go to the gym once a week

Do you have any monthly goals?


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