Its Make Up Monday – Yup I think I just made something real on YourDailyJay. I dont know why but my love for Make Up has been on rise lately and I am loving it.

Saying that, I have been in awe of Desi Perkins and Katy of LustreLux for a while, but the day they announced they came out with their own collection by my ultimate favourite make up brandĀ Dose of ColoursĀ  I couldnt of wished that I was in the USA at that moment.

But like you know I have an issue with Make Up Reviews on Youtube and just like Fenty Beauty I have decided to share my favourite Youtbe reviews of the new Desi X Katy: Dose of Colour Review. So I selected some reviews that I totally loved with you today.







Whats the verdict? Absolute Love and Im sitting here totally jealous of these ladies, But Fear not I will be that troll that will be patiently waiting for the next drop for me to pretend to get my hands on this collections.