April 3, 2018

April Goals

New Month, New Goals…Happy April Goals
I cant believe its already April (I feel like I say that alot) however this month bring such amazing things for me. Last month I went on a bit of a MIA moments not planned. I didnt want to come back with out explaining myself .

What happened last month?

Last month I had such amazing blog posts planned which didn’t go out because I wasn’t feeling the vibe. Last month wants the easiest for me as on the first of March, my grandmother passed away. She was one the most amazing women in my life who taught me so much. I realized that being on social media or even giving time to my blog wouldn’t help my situation around me and took a break not only to be there for my family but for myself.

I honestly felt as if my life was in a tornado because I had to deal with ALOT of emotions that came with it. To this day I can not believe she is gone. but as I stood up at her funeral giving her tribute I remember hearing her voice saying “Im proud of you”. I took a break from blogging to give my life and mental space time to heal and understand what my next chapter without my grandmother will be like. But babies I am back.

A new month has arrived to put everything back on track (its going to be a tough one). I always feel like i hold my big dreams for the next month but now I think its time to explode!

What are my April Goals??

  • Publish all blog posts intended for the month
  • Get back to gym!
  • Stick to my night time routine that I set out for the year
  • Start my new healthy eating plan (Maybe blog about it)
  • Take Baxter and Rusty for a walk
  • Start my social media strategy!

April is my month that I will be dedicating my life to you and my blog. Its going to be CRUNCH TIME for everything  I have been to scared to do for years!
What are your April goals?

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