3 ways to beat the Rainy Winter Weekends

May 9, 2018


Winter is here!! A little bit of a DID YOU KNOW I love winter, Summer sure…. who doesn’t but there is something about Winter that just makes me happy. Firstly my winter fashion is on point (if I must say so myself) and secondly being forced to stay at home because¬† its just too Cold or Rainy outside. I am busy planning my months that lies ahead ; what I am going to conquer which weekend. As Cape Town prepares for what hopefully will be a wet winter, what should you be getting up to? I decided to share some ideas with you today on my blog.

Declutter & Organize

This is probably the most satisfying thing you can do, simply because you end up finding things from way back when. I’m not saying that you need to organize everything in your way, but throwing out old nail polish that you don’t use anymore or have gone dry or fill a black bag of clothing to go to the Rag and Riches makes me super happy. Feeling as if you are parting ways with your personal belongings can be tough but instead of being miserable because you cant be outside.

Ultimate Lazy Day

Hello, Queen of Lazy Days coming at you, LOL Whether its summer or winter (its more satisfying in winter), lying in bed with a bun, millions of blankets, bottomless coffee and popcorn watching binging on some series (that you watch over and over again) or re-watching some of your favorite movies, its one of the best things you can possibly do in life. escaping to the dreamland of Gossip girl is one of the better ways to deal with things.

Pamper Session

A spa day can be so expensive but ever just needed some time to switch on Spotify, give yourself mani and/or pedi, facial, hair mask and just give your outer beauty a boost ?. I hardly ever do this and trust me I feel so much better as well as my pocket. just saying. I will be sharing some of my pamper session products with you later this month (stay tuned babes)

There you go, three of my favorite ways to spend a rainy winter weekend, What are yours?

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