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Happy June!!!

I know its abit delayed but June isn’t over yet, I haven’t gotten around to sit down and write some posts as much as I wanted to, but for the first time, I don’t have any blog related goals (its weird,because its not perfect) but I honestly its good for just one month. My June (non blog) goals are:

  1. Find inner peace
  2. Live in the moment and never give up
  3. Work Less [ hehe, that didn’t work at all]
  4. Start a journal
  5. Start reading a new book
  6. Do a photoshoot 🙂

Its cliché or maybe some of you may not take them as goals, but everything that I have written down is something I have been struggling with, but its getting there, I am a whole lot better this year and in a better place than I will ever be in. its refreshing.

Have a FANTASTIC June,
until we meet again 


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