January 8, 2018

Blogging Goals for 2018

Blogging has become a major outlet for me and turning into my second job which is pretty cool. One thing I have realized in 2017 is that blogging has given me such an amazing platform and highlighted my passion for it. it may not look like it sometimes Last year I fell into the trap of being in my own head and at times when I lacked motivation I never fought to get myself out of it but rather just went with my emotions and that’s not happening this year.
I had a moment at the end of last year I decided to put my best foot forward and ride my blogging passion.

Blogging Goals

Create a Content Calendar and stick to it.

I seem to have moments where a post on a weekly basis and then go MIA for 3 weeks…that’s me in December last year, However I took December as a time to REALLY plan for 2018 and guys I have a schedule for everything but my blogging schedule is amazing…

I will sharing my tips for creating a content calendar and tips to sticking to it

Start a monthly newsletter

I started promoting my newsletter last year but the truth is that if you forget about it nothing will come out of it. This year I am determined to get my mailing list on point with monthly newsletter but when I saw nobody was. I also would love to get a column going for my mail list and share a more personal side of me. And obviously…EXCLUSIVE CONTENT

Start a YouTube channel

Okay, I did in 2017 however YouTube is a really tricky piece of technology and starting a channel is a wizard vibe BUT those copyright restrictions and the fact my videos don’t play on mobile. So, 2018 I really want to get my head around this blackhole called YouTube and bring a new dimension to YourDailyJay.

Plan and possibly start a Real “WORK WITH ME” business

This has been on my bucket list and it currently in the works however I have been focusing on getting my IT career of the bat. This year I will be doing some major planning. I don’t want to promise anything but I do want to put it out there about my plan.

Take my own pictures

I have been committing a major sin by not taking my own photos for my blog. This year I really want to create original images .etc and of course….Actually photo shoots as much as I hate it but I need to

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