May 7, 2018

Blog Post Ideas: Lifestyle

Being a lifestyle blogger is tough but the world is basically your oyster, one thing for sure you suffer from “what to blog about next” simply because there is just so much to speak. it’s not easy. I received such great feedback from my blog posts for newbie bloggers and decided to make it a thing (its official) and share some blog post ideas. This month LIFESTYLE, Here is a list of 20 blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers.

20 Blog Post Ideas: Lifestyle

1. 5 must-haves for your bag
2. Monthly playlist
3. Favorite series/movies to watch on a binge
4. How do you stay organized?
5. Your reading list
6. Share a recipe
7. 10 things to get inspired
8. write a roundup blog
9. How to motivate yourself on your “off days”
10. 10 things you are grateful for
11. Your morning routine
12. your bedtime routine
13. date ideas post
14. Q & A Post
15. Favorite Instagram accounts to follow
16. Everyday makeup routine
17. 3 books that you recommend
18. online shop wishlist
19. Gift ideas for mothers day/birthday/fathers day
20. Best goal setting planners

I hope these helped with your blog block ? Comment some of blog post ideas for any lifestyle blogger.

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