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How To Kill Your Interview?

So your CV got the attention of the company and now you need to prepare for an interview? So like a normal person you freak out right? well I know how you feel after going through a bunch of interview and being rejected a number of times. I felt it was necessary to give you some advise or tips as you prepare for your interviews.

Remember this isn’t going to get you the next interview but these are just tips to kill your interview but the competition out there is high so there is always the possibility that you will be able to beaten out by someone.

1. Research The Company

Question: What do you think we at [Company Name] do?

Researching the company before you get in front of your potential employers is the same as studying for a test. You need to know what you are in stall for.Besides that it gives the impression that you are interested in the culture, company and products instead of looking at them like they are potential money makers.

This means you need to know the basic timeline of the companies success, what do they offer i.e products, services.

2. What are you all about?

Question: Tell me about yourself 

If you stumble on this question trust me, they are thinking to themselves “whaaat had happened”. Know your CV what you are about. Your career journey one thing you got to remember that your CV is your career on a piece of paper.

One thing interviewers love are the WHY – why do want to leave your job?

3. What did you apply for?

Question: Tell me what you think this job is all about

Job description know your job description. Like I said before you need to take interest in what you are applying for. I mean this is something you going to be doing everyday for as long as you are employed. A job description is your tasks for the day.

They normally ask for your opinion on the job, what you think this job is all about and how you going to be successful in this job.

4. Eye Contact

Ever heard, if you cant keep eye contact  then that means you are hiding something well its true. Okay, I am not saying you need to give some stalker/killer eyes and not blink but eye contact is the best way to show them you are present and listening.

5. Body Language

Its the language you don’t need your mouth for. Great posture, Holding yourself in a professional manner. Up straight, no folded arms.

6. Be Yourself

You are the next person they going to be seeing every single day, so if you give them something you not, its not going to be a good thing or give them the ability to trust you  (Its harsh words I know but its true).

Be yourself and how you will be



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