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How I Overcame My Blogging Slump?

So its been a while since I have brought you in to my blogging mind space but lately I have gotten my groove back and oh does it feel good.

Its no secret that I was in a bit of a slump. after much soul searching, reinventing my mental wheel. I went thought some ways that really helped me get me through to the point I am today 🙂

1. Content Calendar

So I am obsessed with Excel and creating my content calendar was the best thing I was able to do. My content calendar at the moment is something I create/edit and confirm a month in advance and its pretty awesome to see what the blog has to offer.

My content calendar includes: Summary, Blog Posts, Facebook. Twitter, Instagram

I will be sharing my Calendar content template with my VIP’s (Get to subscribing :P)

2. Confirm Your Blog Series / Categories

This is the basic topics for your blog and things your blog posts will be placed in for example everything regarding Blogging on my site is all under the blogging page.

Simple enough but also remember try to keep your blog titles with a formula. Here are  some of mine:

Makeup Monday: As Seen By Others

Tips on

How to

3. Short, Focused Blog Posts

When coming out of a slump its really hard to type a 1000 words post that will get your followers interested so as you are beginning your blog again. Start with short and focused blog posts (200 – 300 words)

This will allow you to promote streamline blog posts and honestly once you get into the swing of things you will be pumping.

4. Try to stay relevant

Yes I know its something that we all try to achieve. Guys I am not relevant (Fashion, Beauty wise) however find some ways that will make sure or show your audience that you are on top of your relevant game.

For instance I am getting into the beauty niche but I dont have the cash or brands are not accessible to me so I came up with Makeup Monday : As Seen By Others. 


5. Keep going

Once you start with your new burst of blogging energy keep going, Remember you are inviting people in to your life. so if you are struggling with blog topics, speak from the heart.

There you go, my effective and simple ways I overcame my blogging slump?

Do you have any ideas?



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