On Wednesday I turned 24 and OMG I am excited, The day was too busy to sit down and type out my 24 birthday goals (This is my September Goals substitute). I’m excited to get this year started.

My 24 Birthday Goals are…

  1. Get a new job and succeed
  2. Start a Vlog
  3. Study and get certification in Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing
  4. Spend a lot more time blogging
  5. Learn how to perfect my Make Up
  6. Become a certified SCRUM MASTER (a professional career choice)
  7. Start a business (What business I dont know)
  8. Really take my fitness journey seriously
  9. Lose at most 10kgs by 25
  10. Go on a International Bestie Trip with Robz
  11. Create a budget and stick to it
  12. Start my own business (What business I am not giving it away? :P)
  13. Be Happy
  14. Learn to love myself more
  15. Become financially stable
  16. Get out of the habit of being a HomeBody
  17. Take my parents on a weekend away
  18. Visit World Of Birds to get over my bird phobia
  19. Take a social media blackout
  20. Enjoy every moment I have with my gran
  21. Learn from my past mistake from 23
  22. Turn away from Drama
  23. Go to Church more often
  24. Let Go of my past

We all have the idea that we need to fix things with ourselves, however this year I am determined to think with my head and not my heart. Its only up from here.

I can wait to share #theyearof24 with you and reflect and show my growth.