Happy Friday

Yesterday during an interview I was asked “What is your purpose?” and I stumbled, which is not a good sign, however when someone asks you a question that you don’t know the answer to, freezing is the best solution – right? wrong, somehow at this stage we should know the answer to this and I just didn’t…bleak.

I spent my evening thinking about it, and honestly it was one of the hardest things but breaking it down into career purpose and life purpose was kind of easier for me

After a long night of thinking about it, and analysing it I finally have decided what my purposes in life are.

Career Purpose

My career purpose is to provide customers an exceptional experience by guiding them to meet and go beyond their expectations, Customer Service is where my heart lays.

Life Purpose

My greater life purpose is To Work Hard. 

I value hard work. I rise early, fill the day with meaningful activity, and go to bed proud of all that I’ve done, completely exhausted – that’s my idea of a good day. I’ m tough, and I never quit.

How did I get to that? 

Finding my life purpose was really hard for me to do and I tried my best to find it on my own ,but I decided to do an online test to see what mine would be according to a test. and surprisingly enough it was very accurate.

Want to find out what your purpose is?
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This exercise was tough but it made me think and I learnt a lot about myself and honestly, I can continue to use it daily as a reminder of what I’m all about.

Comment below what your career/life purpose is?