OMG! its August, Can you smell 2018 but more importantly Im getting ready for the year of 24 (Birthday Month Next Month ).With the end is near I have set out some goals like always that I want to achieve, last month I didnt achieve any, I am going to take a step and focus on things that I see fit especially with what has been happening. July was not a good month at all and all about upheaval of my life, in a nutshell I lost my job. Anyway August, new beginnings. lets see what I am hoping to knock off my bucketlist.

  1. Go to Gym ( Still struggling with this)
  2. Finally Finish a book and review it
  3. Share some tips
  4. Create some flat lays for the blog
  5. Do a MakeUp look with the fantastic TiaHoneyMakeUp and KashFortune
  6. Find a Job
  7. Share some recipes
  8. Just be genuinely happy

Okay, Some are a repeat of some goals but soon I will achieve them and I just cant wait!!!

What are your goals for August??