For a while I have been dealing with a skin problem, and to be honest my mother used to sponsor me with millions of facial bottles which to be honest I never stuck to using, yes I know you probably thinking “No wonder there haven’t been any selfies”…Kidding

Last week I had a major breakout and  it was bad, all because I skipped some steps or days/nights where I didn’t give my skin the attention it needs so now I am suffering (Serves me right!!!). This weekend I sat myself down started to organize my mental file system and  realized I have a lot of things that needed to change in my life and one of them which is probably #1 on the list is getting my skin glow back!

So I create a skincare routine. Now trust me I am going to fall behind, get lazy and not do it. Here are my steps to creating my new skincare routine

Step 1: Realize what are my biggest mistake I am doing:

  1. I go to bed with make up when I’m tired.
  2. I don’t cleanse my face everyday
  3. sometimes I “pop” them which leaves really bad marks on my face

Step 2: Pick which products you would like to use every day/night:

This is probably one of the most important steps that anyone would need to follow, I know you probably think its rocket science but it aint. my day to day products that I would love to use is:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Exfoliator
  • Serum (I’m going on the hunt to finding the perfect one)
  • Day/Night Cream

Step 3: Slot it in to your routine. 

The most difficult step of all, trying to find a place to fit this into your routine, trying to get myself in to a routine is crazy, because it should be simple but did you know it takes a human 16 days to get into a successful routine, yip its super easy for me to do it on the weekend but I have some much time on my hands but during the week it has been difficult since I wake up at 5am and have to leave the house before 6 20am in the morning….yeeeess its an hour but I’m a women that change 10 times before stepping out of my room, so what did I do?

  • Set my alarm!!!
  • 5am: Wake up and get out of  bed
  • 5 05am: start the routine

My new routine takes me about 15 mins to fulfil if the time crunch gets hectic for the first few days I will just wake up earlier and get my life and skin back into shape.

Next week this time I will sharing the products in my routine and then give you the before photo and update on how my new skincare routine has helped me!!

Hope this hope you.

Comment below your creating a skincare routine tips below.