So its no secret that I have a obsession of beauty products, I don’t usually blog about it but I think its time for me to revive it, I know its going to be challenge but I am so excited to start that challenge right now. There will be a lot of new tips and tricks to this new Chapter. This is not a category on its (just yet) but apart of my Health & Wellness Category something to update my blog with.

What does Beauty Entail? I try to promote that beauty always comes from within, its not about how you like on the outside, the funny thing that happened to me recently, I started dressing LIKE A SLOB to work, no effort in how I look until I got that “Beauty Rest” people always talk about and woke up realizing that I need to make myself feel good. At work I started getting compliments from people I hardly interact. Which makes me think? Does your appearance place you in a whole other light for some people.

But I’m rambling…

There are many bloggers that seriously put themselves out there to be and have the very best and the latest things. Ladies and Gentlemen I aint like that. I’m here to show you and try to be a Beauty Blogger on a Budget (HA! Trademarked that, please don’t steal it :P)

This section of the blog will have some static things that I will share:

  • Beauty Product of the Month
  • Seasonal Nail Polish Picks
  • Beauty Hauls
  • New Products

I’m super excited for this and I have my next Beauty mapped out and ready for you guys (I just got to type :P)

Until we meet again