Its no secret we all get abit overwhelmed at work or sometimes pulled into silly drama that takes over your working environment, okay like anything in life we cannot want a over happy, exciting workplace all the time…because we are not living in candy land but we living in the real world.

I have decided to share with you my top 5 tips for a happy work place, Lets get to it:

  1. Friendship are not for the office (I got burnt alot)
  2. Earphones are great when you need to zone out and not bother yourself with people
  3. Use your breaks to catch up with people
  4. Coffee (That about saves the world)
  5. Focus on yourself and your dreams

Ladies and Gentlemen, drama will follow you if you open yourself to it. We all get stressed from time to time and work gets overwhelming but are you going to ruin it because of silly he said or she said no thats not what life should be about.

Until we meet again