Life sometimes gets the best of all of us, and for some reason we all tend to lean towards the ‘unhealthy’ ways to sort ourselves out, Lately I have been going through those moments where all I want to do to sit in my little cacoon and sulk or eat. Feeling sorry for myself has not gotten me far in life. Im starting to lean on the feelings I have or get when I eat or do reckless things that can not only effect me now but effect me in a few days time. I found some ways to totally check out on life and decided to share with you ¬†5 ways to successfully check out of life.

  1. Read a book – I am currently reading Khloe Kardashian: Strong looks better naked
  2. Sit and vent to a close loved one or friend and let the deepest hurt come out
  3. Brainstorm ways to get yourself AWAY from the situation thats making unhappy
  4. Go for a workout at gym, walk on the beach
  5. Call a friend and do something “adults” shouldnt be doing ( Car Games at the arcade)
  6. Go for a drive with your favorite jams
  7. Write your pain down on paper and tear it up
  8. Total Pamper session

Those are my ways, What are your ways to check out of life?

Until we meet again