It’s one of the questions someone asks from time to time, I have certainly have asked that question millions time over, but Its a hard question to ask someone especially when you feel like you not giving it enough attention that it deserves. its similar to asking someone why did you choose have a day job of a Doctor? (Dont ask me why I said Doctor, it just happened).

My answer should be similar to that its to help people. I know that I have the ability to help girls out there that go through the same thoughts and the same challenges I go through, In life its difficult to find balance, each thing we all go through is something that cant be documented.

But the reason why I blog? 

I find that out there we all inspire to show we are all living the best life, which sometimes I show that and sometimes i get really tired of doing that and to be honest that is what I want to promote in my blog, yes tips and tricks to get the best out of something but also share my moment and trials and tribulations in my life and how I overcome it.

In life we as individuals tend to pretend we are the best or we have the fancy things in life? I wish I had that But I dont have the money or confidence show off and to be truly honest I am not Materialistic so to me thats the last thing I would ever want to be

YourDailyJay strives to be:

  • A everyday girls go to blog/site to learn about what they can do to live the best life with in
  • Help girls gain the help that never seek because its not available easily
  • The best blog myself
  • something I am proud about

I would love to hear and find out the ways you guys would love me to get to where I want my life to be. Soon Ill be sharing my favourite blogs that I cant miss a blog from whether its an international or national bloggers.

Until we meet again 😛