Hey Guys,

I am finally comfortable to speak about the ups and downs of my physical appearance, I remember putting my weight out there in July 2016 and I wanted to lose about 20 kgs, when I lost 5kgs I decided to slow down and get lazy…to be honest my personal went a bit downhill but I don’t want that to be my excuse for not sticking into the path of getting my life back….

Why do I say that? Well being overweight was always something or is something that I have battling inside, some days I have all the confidence in my life to snap a few pictures (People hated my Instagram because of my selfies) and now? the selfies are extremely few and far between which is completely different.

I have had 7 months that I have went on the band wagon and I have sadly regained the weight and added about 6 kgs to that,But now my life is getting to the point where I have worked through all my issues (Personally, Mentally, Professionally) that I think I am ready to get back into it.

Do you know this? I haven’t been out my house in 4 months the only time I do go out is when I need to or when I need to go to work because I am so embarrassed of how I look, I have this thing when I feel bad about myself I don’t look after myself I don’t, Following my skincare routine, wash my hair or dress nicely for myself and that sucks to be honest.

This is my time to change it! get my life back!

What will I change in my life?!

  • How I view myself?
  • Gyming at least once day
  • Getting serious about losing weight
  • Actively indulge in the #nutritechfit lifestyle

Its simple but I can do it!  before photoshoot is coming your way, with all my measurements: my weight, heigh, BMI and my goals .etc

Till we meet again 🙂