Yes, I am back – Honestly it was a whirl wind of a month trust so here i am not focused on my stress outlet which is bad because I would have felt better. None the less I am here for another month. Before I get into my new month goals lets do a recap on March’s goals.

Recapping March:

  1. Blog more often (Twice a week) : FAILED
  2. Get myself back to Gym on a regular basis: FAILED
  3. Start blogging my #nutritech journey: FAILED
  4. Share a recipe: FAILED
  5. Start sourcing my new room inspirations: PASSED
  6. Work hard and smart.: PASSED
  7. Wake up with a smile on my face: FAILED
  8. Visit my gran or family more often: PASSED but definitely visit more
  9. Spend a day with my brother: FAILED
  10. Reorganize my room. Declutter my life: FAILED

So yeah, What the hell? This is not the level of commitment I have in life, but when things get bad I shut off. Anyway, its a new month which means a brand new opportunity to fix what was broken and begin again. so here are my April Goals:

  1. Blog more often (Twice a week min)
  2. Do more photo-shoots
  3. Get myself back to Gym
  4. Share a recipe
  5. Take my dogs for a daily walk
  6. Stick to my outlined budget
  7. Spend a day with my brother and mother
  8. Start my Daily Jay Column on my blog
  9. So a before photo shoot and start documenting my weight-loss challenge
  10. Get a new blog logo

So some of them have over lapped from March but let me take this seriously now.