This has been one of the blogging series I would of loved to have started from the beginning of the year, But I think to start a series in the middle of the year and on a random day can be uhm…well a good idea? It is now. hehe To be honest I cant believe that it is already March….like 2017 why you want to be in a hurry to finish?

Here are my 10 goals for March 2017.

  1. Blog more often (Twice a week)
  2. Get myself back to Gym on a regular basis
  3. Start blogging my #nutritech journey \
  4. Share a recipe
  5. Start sourcing my new room inspirations
  6. Work hard and smart.
  7. Wake up with a smile on my face
  8. Visit my gran or family more often
  9. Spend a day with my brother
  10. Reorganize my room. Declutter my life

Seems simple? but a challenge indeed.

Do you have any Monthly Goals?
Share it with me in the comment section below