Hi Guys,

You know it is goes that Change is good, for a while now I have been wanting to upgrade my room into my little haven that I can escape to blog and get away from the ups and mainly downs of the normal day. Okay well I havent gotten anyway as of it but this weekend I decided to finally sit and look and pretend to online shop. Yes you read right “PRETEND”

After this weekend I decided on the following this:

  • Theme: Minimal, SImple
  • Colour: Black and White with a hint of RoseGold
  • New Editions to my room: Vanity Section, TV, Blog photography section (Flat Lays)

With deciding what I wanted I then looked at some amazing designs or looks and feels on how I want my room to feel. Here we go

As I implement or start my room Ill be sharing all my tips and tricks to make your room spectacular without breaking you budget, Thorugh some DIY and even how to make a small living space seems super massive.

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