Happy New Year!!!

2017, can you believe it? its a new year  which means a brand new slate and another book of memories to fill. With having my blogging kick back I am totally happy and excited for the year ahead. I have been planning the year down to the tee/month 😛 so I know what themes and what each month will bring.

I wish all of you a great new year, hope you are partied out and ready for the new opportunities that come your way…

For YourDailyJay 2017 will be the fouth year since its been live, and its scary to think that I dont have a real name for myself but its about to change, While planning for the brand new year I became to wonder if instead of a superficial change I want to do a complete change for 2017, Thats why this year I have changed the direction of my blog, Changing the ways of the blog and introducing new topics and working together with brands in and around South Africa(If they have faith in me).


It’s no secret I post emotional things (life has been a roller-coaster), I think I have posted about a handful of fashion and beauty posts. So, I’m saying goodbye to them however they will be popping in to say Hi now and then.


So, two categories say goodbye and hello to DIY, Entertainment and Blogging, for a little bit of an explanation of the new chapters coming up:

  • DIY: As mentioned on Instagram I will upgrading my bedroom this year, however and sadly it’s not about the no budget life, it more where to save a buck save it! I thought it would be fun for me to share the accessories and how I got my hands dirty when creating the best living space for me, and loads more fun things and quirks as part of my past time.
  • Blogging: Many may think that this is supposed to be done by “Successful” bloggers or but I have learnt and burnt in ways I could possibly make a difference, I know the blogging word is a scary place so this year I have decided to share my tips, blog post ideas, dos and don’ts of blogging.
  • Entertainment: So, it’s no lie that I am totally obsessed with things like Series, Movies, Music so I will be sharing my favourites from time to time. I will be asking some guest writers to share their favourites as well.

The new categories are so up my stream and some not so much as life gets busy the more the DIY blog post will be effected, but like that stopped me, I am happy to be adventuring a little in 2017 it’s a tough thing to do but new beginnings right? This DIY category will show a step by step way of putting a personal touch into your own living space.

<Insert Social Media blurp>

2017 brings me hope for a better life and outlook on my blog and a better understanding what it means to make a difference from my blog. I cant wait to share my new site and new everything with you.