Its been a bit of a whirlpool for YourDailyJay, If you haven’t noticed I have found my passion again for blogging which hasn’t happened in a long time, So from my list of blog post ideas I haven’t been able to get my head around some of them. I have decided its time for me to share the reason,inspiration and the mental scene behind YourDailyJay, To be honest there will be some things not many of you know even guessed that fill the gap in the story.

YourDailyJay was established in 2013 and has been a bit of an up and down vibe ever since, I came into the blogging world thinking I was going from zero to apart of elite group of blogger, Uhm….that didn’t happen and honestly it hasn’t but I think that comes from flying your own flag, however that is life but here I am with a new atheistic and way of blogging,.

Trying to find a niche in blogging is pretty hard, a blogger would only want to bring something new and fresh  look into the social scene but its pretty hard when there are bloggers out there doing a good job, So the greatest question when starting a blog is the type of blog you will have, will it be:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle

So you kind of go through the list and reflect on your life. but with me it was the weird thing to go through because it was difficult making sense of what I would of wanted to show in those categories. Fashion I don’t like taking full body pictures and I never shop brand-names so its not really something people can relate to, Beauty as much as I love shopping for make up and being pampered I never buy unnecessary eye-shadows .etc as much as I want it, basically my mother will stare at me and give the grand old saying “If you can buy this nonsense than why cant you….” not sure if you experience that

I found myself gravitating towards Lifestyle basically this now gives me the platform to share some of the things I know about and been through in life, which was the best fit for me,every girl goes through life changing and dealing with some things however being a lifestyle blogger you basically allowed to share whatever you want to share whether its music to life lessons to random list of things. it totally fits my randomness. being a lifestyle blogger I sneak in some fashion and beauty in as well, I mean a girl cant resist some of that its just cray to do that.

One thing for sure I know my blog does not reach but I know that my blog will never be something right now but I am prepared for the journey I know that its going to be a lot of work but I know with every blog post I am opening a door for another person to learn and live through my mistakes, trails and tribulations. I think this turned into a post about why I am a lifestyle blogger but you start somewhere write.

chow and I cant wait for you to learn about my blogging lifestyle.

Lots of Love